Fuji and Sakura Kutani Decorative Plate

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The Kutani decorative plate features red Fuji and cherry blossoms, which are said to bring good luck. The clouds decorated with gold leaves beautifully sparkle.

Each piece is hand-painted by brush, using Japanese coloring paint which is one of the remarkable features of Kutani ware, as you can see the painted part is slightly thickened.

Delivered in a wooden box with a plate stand.

It is a perfect gift for someone who loves Japanese art or Japanese home decoration.

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  • Dimension: 20cm(7.87in) x 30cm(11.8in)
  • Material: Porcelain - Kutani ware
  • Origin: Made in Japan
  • Brand: Mr. Yoshinori Fukuda


    Mr. Yoshinori Fukuda

    Mr. Yoshinori Fukuda, a traditional craftsman, has been awarded many prizes in successive art exhibitions and is highly regarded both in Japan and abroad. He has mastered the techniques of various traditional Kutani porcelain styles such as Akae, Yoshidaya and Ko-kutani, and has a wide range of skills in the art of Kutani ware. From beautiful natural scenery to living creatures in motion, he captures them in the style of Japanese paintings with a delicate touch. Please feel the art piece created by applying Kutani colors to the beautiful porcelain.