Gatomikio SINAFU High Stand Fruits Tray

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The name "SHINAFU" an archaic word which means “elegantly hanging.” The products of SINAFU series are designed to represent the traditional shape and the spirit of hospitality of Yamanaka hot spring, a region welcoming guests since the 700s.

SINAFU does not only express warm hospitality with beautiful arrangements on tablewares but also literally makes your hands’ movements look more graceful.

This tray will express your warm hospitality with delicate and elegant ?shape.

All products of GATO MIKIO uses wood turning techniques called "Kijibiki", by which logs carved into products while rotating the wood-turning lath.

GATO MIKIO's delicate and modern design is unusual for traditional Japanese lacquered tableware. It is created by a design team of several product designers who are active around the world.

Taking advantage of the goodness of traditional crafts such as woodwork products and lacquer, it has a functional beauty that blends into everyday life.


  • Quantity: 1
  • Dimension: D21cm(8.2in) x H7.5cm(2.9in)
  • Material: Wood - Yamanaka Lacquerware
  • Origin: Made in Japan
  • Brand: GATO MIKIO