Ginsai Hibiki Kutani Flower Vase

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This is a beautiful flower vase features the Ginsai, the Kutani ware technique by which five-color glaze applied over silver foil.

This transparent and glossy glaze is complemented more beautifully by the gradient colors.

It is a diameter of 8.3cm(3.26in) and a height of 24.5cm(9.64in).

With this unique design, it will infuse an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere into your room. Fill them with flowers or greenery or simply display them as a great addition to your interior.

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  • Dimension: D8.3cm(3.26in) x H24.5cm(9.64in)
  • Size of opening: D6.8cm(2.7in)
  • Material: Porcelain - Kutani ware
  • Origin: Made in Japan


    Ginsai Style

    This is a technique in which 100% pure silver leaf is applied to each piece of pottery by hand and placed in the kiln. After the pottery is fired, the silver leaf is polished so that it becomes smooth, and then the beautiful and transparent Kutani Gosai glass glaze is applied. This technique requires a great deal of time and skill, including more than four times of kiln firings before it is completed. It combines the transparency and beauty of Kutani colors to enhance the dining experience.