Kinzan Kiln KINZAN White Arabesque Bee Small Pot

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This elegant pot is decorated with gilded arabesques, which have been often painted in the Kinzan kiln for a long time. In addition to the auspicious patterns painted with "Shiromori (white heaping)", the honeybees, symbol of prosperity and financial fortune, are also depicted.

It is handcrafted by Kinzan Kiln, especially excels in Kinsai, one of the famous Kutani ware's glazing technique with a gold leaf. The Kinzan kiln has a history of one hundred and ten years and has always connected its traditions to the future.

In pursuit of making their finest works, Kinzan kilns have an exceptional production method that they involve in many creative process from designing the shape of the porcelain to grinding the gold powder exclusively for their products.

Display them on their own as a home-accent piece, or fill them with flowers or greenery. This porcelain vase will be a great addition to your home decoration.

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  • Quantity: 1 Flower vase
  • Dimension: 9.5cm(3.74in) x H10.5cm(4.13in)
  • Material: Porcelain - Kutani ware
  • Origin: Made in Japan
  • Brand: Kinzan kiln