Konrai Round Shaped High Stand Yamanaka Lacquer Tray

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This large-sized round Japanese tray with high stand by Yamanaka Lacquerware features a lacquer technique called "Konrai-Nuri", a method of lacquering by which a black lacquer underneath the Red lacquer is visible. The more you use it, the more black lacquer you can see, and the more vintage taste you get.

It is the right size to hold a set meal for one person, and can also be set with large bowls or plates, tea or sake utensils to create a cohesive and beautiful looking. With a high stand, it feels sense of luxury and will be a great eye-catcher on your table. 
It also great as a tray for home decorative items such as flower vase, photo frame, and fruits stand.

This traditional tray has a timeless appeal and can be used for a long time in daily life and for entertaining guests. 


  • Quantity: 1
  • Dimension: 33cm(13in) x H4cm(1.6in)
  • Material: Wood - Yamanaka Lacquerware
  • Origin: Made in Japan